Tuesday, 31 March 2015

omaru creek

Hi my animation is all about our creek that is name omauru creek.and I hope you like my moive.
thank you for watching.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

year 5 &6 camp

Hi last week I had the best day ever cause the year 5 & 6 does it have school we had camp at school.It was on wensday Mr s called out a meting in he’s calss. he was telling the teams I was in his team called the commitment. First we went to the hall Mr burt was telling us the rules and to have fun.
 After that the activity we did was cooking the girls did it in the inside but the boy does it outside. I didn't know what we were cooking but when my mouth taste it my mouth said it was delicious but when Miss tito said to put BBQ sauce and I was in love with the food. After eating we changed activity this was one of my favorite but firstly the commitment had to get changed into our tog’s because we were going kayaking. It was time to go for a walk to the beach when we arrived we saw Mr burt and Miss garden and two big boys helping. I was excited to go kayaking it was the best .After that we were going to the G.I. pools. It was cool but I could it put my head down the water lucy my team mate gave me some ear blocks. The teacher said it was time to get out of the pool. the boys went to go get changed this was the funny bit to the boys that was still getting changed I did it begin my ondes. My favorite part was eating and camping. I hope it would be the same this year and batter food.

Monday, 2 March 2015

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Jovial guy Amazing at some things Very cool at sport Artistic at art nervous

the best brithday off my life

It was when I turned 8 years old. It was the best because I had a pizza cake, my mum just staked the pizza on top of it. But first she went to a funeral in the morning. At night my mum came back with the pizza cake. She didn't just bring a pizza cake she brought drinks, hot chips and more pizza. After eating yummy food we were going to watch a movie but instead we played games around the houses. the games we were playing is water gun fight but that was dumb but cool. when we finished playing games we had a shower and then we were watch a movie the movie was called big hero six. when the movie finished I went for a good night sleep.