Monday, 26 November 2018

Lady pink

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Lady Pink uses the element of shape in her art to express her passion for Graffiti.

Lady Pink uses the element of color to express her colors and spread her main message about Women Rights.

Lady Pink also uses the element of texture to  fade in colors to promote a message in her head.

She has focused on empowering woman, using graffiti and also murals as acts of rebellion and self-expression.


  1. Hello Javan

    I really like your work you put on your blog, I really like how you put all the information and hard work into it keep up the good work.

    From Leiite

  2. HI javan
    I love this post so much, and not just because it was very interesting but also because lady pink is one of the best artist that uses shape in her art.
    from: Tata