Thursday, 2 March 2017

visual Mihi

Good morning bloggers I have been drawing Photos that have been important in my life.I like going church cause i learn more about the lord.NFL is fun to watch and i learn more plays.And my culture is samoan and I'm proud to be samoan.  

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

My Role Model

 Introduction Roger Tuivasa Sheck plays for the warriors for league and he is 23 years old. He is the new leader for the warriors team and he good at it.before he fullback on the field and he is known for it.he might be the best fullback in rugby league. Roger Tuivasa Sheck has one of the best rugby steps in NRL. Information 1st element Roger Tuivasa Sheck is number one because number one is only for captains. In 2016 Roger Tuivasa Sheck was injured but now he just got out of his injuring. He is strong now and ready to play he doesn't give up to. There lots of other good players but i think roger tuivasa sheck is better then all of them. Information 2nd element Roger tuivasa sheck is a captain and he played winger and fullback but now he is a playmaker. He was the best at all of those position.He has speed in him to he is one of the fastest in his team.I think he's faster than shaun johnson but my friends don't. Information 3rd element Roger tuivasa sheck inspires lots of people to play rugby but mostly kids.when I play i try to be like him cause when he plays I Like it cause he looks cool when he plays.It's hard trying to step like him but it feels nice when you try.this another reason why i like him is because he's samoan. Conclusion He’s fast he’s a leader and he is better than shaun johnson.

Plan for role model

Water Cycle

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