Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A Thousand Words

  this is a picture I made in reading class. We had to create a picture with a message. Can you guess what this picture is.


  1. Hi Javan,
    My name is Aaliyah, I am a year 7 student currently attending St Pius X. I really liked your drawing, it was very creative. I don’t really know what the drawing is about, I can only make out a poor boy next to a bag of doritos.

    Good Job!

  2. Hi There Javan, My name is Caitlyn and I come from Grey Main School, in Greymouth. My class is Totara 3, what I can only picture is a train coming towards the boy and there are bits of rubbish lying around him. Is that what it is? I think you have done an excellent job on this, Javan! And it does sound like that the boy is begging for something. Thanks You, for sharing Javan. Goodbye!

  3. A poor boy committing suicide