Wednesday, 30 August 2017

glow in the dark poster

Do you like disco's? Well... Pt England is having one today at 6:30pm. Only students from Pt England School that are year 5-8 are allowed to come. It is going to be the best disco ever held. Here is my poster for the disco tonight

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Smokes are Not worth it?

Hi My name Is javan, this is what me Tj and Richard did as a group. Our group name is The fresh cutz. We all labelled and talked about this poster. The poster shows dairy products and smokes. The poster shows a packet of smokes that coast $25 dollars. But smokes are not worth it, for example. You could get heaps of products just for $25. But 1 thing you should know. A packet of smokes can lead you to  lung cancer, their for you will only live for a certain amount of time. But if you have healthy lungs, you will live life to it's fullest. Oh, and here's a link if you want to quit smoking. Or