Friday, 28 July 2017

Immersion Assembly

As I walk through The hall I see On the big screen A title called Guardians of the galaxy.Our  year Year 7 and 8 were sitting down waiting till the rest of the school were ready. As we were waiting The light turn off and and stars appeared on the ceiling . There were three products face to the ceiling showing the stars.After that it was Team 1 Item There item Was a Video of the Teachers exploring space. In the video they were near the sun and the moon.When there Video was done Mr Burt our principal said something and and then he Introduce Team 2 . Team 2 had a video as well. The video was just them lip sync to there own song they wrote.Team 3 Had one of the funniest video. Team 4 video was showing how astronauts go to different plants and how they can get hurt. Team5  which is my block had something different from the other teams they were performing a song How far I’ll go cover. It was about our planet and the galaxy