Thursday, 15 February 2018

How to prevent yourself from getting sick

How to prevent yourself from getting sick

Today Our literacy class is writing about How to prevent yourself from getting sick. What it means is the we a going to be writing about how to keep yourself clean and healthy. My 1st idea was washing our hand before we eat, playing outside and when we are done using the toilets. Washing our hands with soap is important because it could remove all the germs from our hands. Many diseases are spread by not washing hands  with soap and clean water.

We can get sick if we are dehydrated that means that we are not drinking enough water. The effects of not drinking water is Headaches, Mood Swings and Fatigue. If some of you do not know what the meaning fatigue it is extreme tiredness and your body can be really weak. The meaning for mood swing is your feelings or emotions  that can really change quick. You could also lose weight but in a bad way and if you losing weight there is a chance of you losing strength in your body.    

It is really important to put on sunscreen when your outside for safety reasons. Going outside with no sunscreen on can really damage our skin Sunscreen there could be a possibility of getting skin cancer and sunburnt. But none of those things would happen if we just put on  sunscreen.

These are my three ways for most of you to help prevent ourselves from no getting sick.