Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Deadly Street

Do you hate it when it rains and you have boring toys to play with? Because I Javan have created A street fighting game that is called Deadly Street. My toughest character
is a ninja from China and a soldier that throw bombs. Now let’s get going.

Devil Eye is a killer that is controlled by his power. He was raised near a dumpster in the streets. Devil Eye’s mission is to kill the people that live in the buildings. If he kills people it gives him more life. A team called the Black Warriors protect people from Devil Eye by trying to kill him.

Devil Eye breaks into houses and a bank to steal money. He is challenged by an army of soldiers from Black Warriors. To move Devil Eye use the w to jump, s to flip and d to move forward. To defeat the Black Warriors you will need to press the spacebar button which will make his lightning eyes kill them.

If you are a year 5 you should definitely give this game a go. Let’s see who can get the highest score. Thanks for watching my animation.