Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Rugby league world cup 2017 Kiwis vs fiji

There were two really tough teams that were competing against each other in the weekend. The two competitive teams were New Zealand Kiwis and Fiji. To Start the game the kiwis performed there traditional haka And the Fiji sang a song. The two teams were ready for the ref to blow his whistle for the game to begin. Fiji were very close to scoring a try in the first four minuets of first half. Fortunately a Fijian player that was holding got tackled and then drooped the ball In the try line.No One in the game has scored but Fiji won By penalty kicks.Points Kiwis 2 Fiji 4

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

School Athletics day

Friday 10th Of November Our school had our school athletics day. The Weather was so nice and hot It was the best day to do Athletics . It was So challenging competing people my age Because there is lots of kid my age with Sport talents. My best athletic sport is shot put The reason why it is my favourite sport and best is because I would Always come first each year. It was cool seeing lots of people dressed into there house colours But my year had the best outfits. We all brought our own flags that represents our Culture. And that Was my athletic highlights

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Motivational Speaker

On Wednesday the 1st of November which is today a guest named Mr Patterson came to our school to talk to the intermediates that are heading of to high school. He talk about many great things and he gave good tip's for our future he gave us advice to keep our education good. I will be telling you guys three things he talk about with us. One he said that being a giver will be better than being a taker because if you give you will receive better things. Two He talked about 11 year old that was a inspiration to all of us, Mr Patterson showed us a video of him giving his lunch money to a homeless man for two weeks. After that the homeless man walked with the 11 year old boy to school and told the principle what the 11 year old kid did for the homeless .