Thursday, 21 August 2014

Healthy Food

it is important to eat healthy food because our bodies will be healthy. Healthy food comes from the ground, plants and animals.
Food comes into your body by biting it and then it goes to your oesophagus so it could squeeze the food better.
if you choose to eat healthy food you will have good energy, be strong, be fitter and improve your brain power. Good choices of healthy foods are vegetables fruits milk and eggs . Also lean meats like chicken or fish can be healthy too.
Unhealthy food includes foods like lollies fish and chips fizzy drinks and many snacks we find in packets. It is important to make good choices and save unhealthy food for treats. Too much unhealthy food can lead to illness. Unhealthy food are chips. It's ok to eat it for a treat but not all the time because it is oily and has too much salt.

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