Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Holiday Recount T4 2015

In the holidays I slept over my friends house. It was really cold and when I was sleeping I had 3 big blankets on me. In the morning I had eggs with toast and a apple. after that we were just relaxing on the couch and watching TV. The next day It was sunny but it was still cold. So we just clean the house It was hard and funny. After that my friends brother said were going basketball at the tamaki college rack center. But when we arrived there it was closed. There was a sign that says Be back at 3.pm so we were watiing. It was getting boring so my friends w graped he spreker and start play some song. It was taking long for the rack to open so we went back home. It was 4pm we went to the gym at glen Innes. It was cool because I got to go on the treadmill. After that we went back home and the tamaki rack center was open so we went to go play basketball.It was funny because I tryd to get a 3pointer.

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