Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Kayaking with my Friends

Me and my friends had the best day of our lives. We ate and ate and ate until our stomach was rumbling then we went to kayak. Kayak was choice and mean it was like i was flying in the air but better. Me and my friend had a mean as day kayaking and eating too but we saw this island my friend said lets go check it out bro but I was a scaredy cat to go to the Island. But my friend was with me so we just went anyway I was pretty scared so as my friend but we didn’t care cause we had each other. We looked around the island looked pretty sweet and cool. The trees were nice so as the plants. We saw some sharks me and my friend are scared of sharks. But we were on the island so it was safe. My friends said let's go back to home. So we went but the problem was the kayaks wasn’t there any more. Me and my friend was crying and praying . but my friends said never give up my uso. So i stop crying me and my friend walked around though the the big trees. I said to my bro let's climb up the trees. Me and my bro did we saw some cars and people in this village we went to the people in the village we asked them what's this island called they said it is the beautiful island of Samoa.Once we knew we were at samoa my friend said if we called go tonga because he hasn’t been to tonga before so we went. The samoan people were so kind that they made a boat for me and my friend to go to tonga and to go back home . when me and my friends went back home we thought we should do this again my friends said sweet. The end

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  1. Hi Javan

    This is a really great writing you have here form reading your writing I have learned a lot about kayaking . I hope to see more of your great work keep it up !

    Form : Sabrina