Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Trip to see our Flounder Team

Today my school Pt England walked down to Wai O Taiki bay. Wai O Taiki bay is really close to our school it is combine with Point England beach. Our hole school went down there to support our own flounder team. The flounder team had there togs on to look for flounder's on the ocean .Bye the look of it our flounder team used a net to catch the flounder two people were holding the corner of the net walking around the ocean to catch the flounder. Our school were all standing on the grass singing songs looking at them and cheering for them as the look. I think there goal is trying to look for more than 5 or 4 flounders but they got why more than that I think they got more than 20. After singing our song's we all screamed come flounder and then one of our prefect lead our school prayer as the prayer finished we walked back to school singing a waiata which is a song . Image result for flounderImage result for flounder

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