Wednesday, 18 October 2017

last Immersion assembly for this year

Monday 16 of October our school had just came back from the holiday's. When ever we come back from the  holiday's our principal including our teacher's get ready to show there item that shows what each year levels would be doing for the term. Our topic for the hole school is music madness. The teachers perform  there item they had really creative ideas in the skit and videos. The Item I really like at immersion assembly was the video made by the year three teachers. Year three teachers video was songs in real life the placed they filmed it were in the class rooms.  What I like about the video was that They put cool songs on the video and the video made every one in the school laugh  even some of the parents. After all of the teachers performed there Item's our principal and two of our teachers performed a song and everyone walk out of the hall and into class.


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